Business Idea #1: Helping Startups

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This is the first post in my business idea series. I wanted to use this as an avenue to put forth some of my random business ideas as they pop in my head. So, they may not be fully thought out or may not work at all. But I figured I would share them because they may spark something in you as you read it. This idea revolves around helping startups.

In Charleston where I live there is a big tech boom, with a lot of startups cropping up. I have continually thought about finding a way into this space while utilizing my current skill set as a designer and developer. The problem is that most startups, unless they are far along or funded, have very low budgets. Creating a solid brand or website is not typically at the top of their list. But they also realize the impact of these elements. So, how can we create a mutually beneficial relationship?

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