Earning New Web Design Clients with WordPress Multisite

Earning New Web Design Clients with WordPress Multisite

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WordPress Multisite (WPMU) allows website owners to create a network of sites on a single WordPress install. It’s great because it allows you to create a new website by simply clicking a button. The pure simplicity of this makes it ideal for providing unique value to clients. You can the following information the get new clients or impress the ones that have already signed a contract with you.

What do I do exactly? I created a WPMU setup for my business, Spencer Creative Co. Now, I can generate new websites quickly and the URL is even created using my business’ URL as a base. This enables me to quickly create a website that I think the prospective client will like. I can then send them the link and now I’ve provided value to them as I introduce myself.

Let’s go through a more in-depth rundown of this process!

The Multisite Setup

Most of you will either know how to set up a Multisite install or already have one. If you don’t know how to please check out the WordPress documentation for creating a Multisite network.

As I mentioned earlier, I set up my network on my business website. With WPMU you need to have a main or home website that everything on the back-end can be based on. When the Multisite network is established you can choose between subdomains and subdirectories for your new sites. What this means is each new website created will be based on the URL and the choice between these two. So your website’s URL would either be spencercreative.co/client-business or client-business.spencercreative.co. This can be changed, but I’ll get to that good bit later on.

Because WPMU is actually just a single install of WordPress all the sub-sites you create share themes and plugins. This is great for managing multiple sites because you only need to update the plugins and themes once across the whole network.

The New Client

Once WordPress Multisite is enabled you are ready to start creating a website. Start by creating the new subsite with the business name. Then utilize an existing theme or download a new one to the network that you want to use. This enables the creation of a quick mock-up of the website.

For prospective clients, I do some quick research into their current website and some competitors. For clients that are already interested in my services, I have them fill out a quick form to better understand what they are looking for in a new website.

This makes it easier for you to provide some value to the client or give massive value to a prospective client who has no idea who you are. What looks better: me reaching out to just tell you that you need a new website or reaching out and showing you what your website could be.

Many people like to give static mock-ups, but why not give them a real working website when it can be made at the press of a button. Putting the four hours in upfront to secure the client pays off in a big way. Especially because that’s four hours less than you have to do after you get hired.

Taking It a Step Further

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