Web Design


A national council for higher education teaching professionals.


Goals and Objectives

The original TECSCU website was dated with limited mobile functionality and was difficult to navigate. These were the main front-end issues that needed to be addressed, but one of the biggest reasons for the update was to make the back-end more functional. There was minimal access to update the website and the client needed an easy and accessible interface to do so.

Creative Strategy

The website needed to be professional and not overly designed but also have a pleasant and modern feel. The previous website was dated and difficult to use which was vastly improved in the new version. Mobile capabilities were added which also greatly increased usability. The requirements were achieved through simplistic, modern design and functionality for the target audience. Additionally, the website was set up with a new content management system (CMS) to allow easy access for updates for the client.

Client Testimonial

This is an excellent company if you are looking for assistance with website development and editing. As a small nonprofit, we appreciate the quality of work, reasonable pricing, and excellent communication that Spencer Creative Co. provides.

Technologies Used

Weebly, Figma